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We are specialists in the field of shelf companies. Legally secure, capable companies are available to you nationwide within 24 hours. Make our speed your competitive advantage. Immediate start of business without any liability risk. We accompany you on your way. We stand for trustworthy, simple and transparent processing.
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Shelf Companies

The shelf companies of EVOGE GmbH are newly created companies of various legal forms, registered in the german commercial register, without previous business activity. The companies have fully paid-up share capital and are, un-encumbered by liabilities and obligations. Start your company immediately flexibly and non-bureaucratically. Focus on your resources and core competencies! We are happy to offer you an individual solution for more complex company or holding structures.

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Shelf Companies GmbH
Purchase price:€ 28.000
including share capital:€ 25.000
Shelf Companies UG
Purchase price:€ 2.500
including share capital:€ 1.000
Shelf Companies AG
Purchase price:€ 56.500
including share capital:€ 50.000


Companies with permission for temporary employment according to § 1 AÜG

EVOGE GmbH specializes in the establishment of companies with permission for temporary employment in accordance with Section 1 of the AÜG. We are happy to shorten the very time-consuming and bureaucratic process of setting up a temporary employment company for you. Simply acquire a company with an already issued license for commercial temporary employment and personnel placement (AÜ).

Founding locations

EVOGE is your nationwide partner for a shelf company. You have the choice between various start-up locations within Germany. Alternatively, we would be happy to offer you your preferred location.

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EVOGE is your nationwide partner for a shelf company.
EVOGE is your nationwide partner for a shelf company.

Purchase procedure

The purchase procedure of a shelf company takes place in 5 simple, transparent steps (shown using the example of a GmbH). We wish you every success with your new company!

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Frequently asked questions about our offer

If you have any questions about the individual products, it is worth looking here. Because we have put together frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers for you below. Our contact persons are also happy to answer your questions by phone or email.

A shelf company is a company that has been newly established in advance and is already registered in the commercial register. An essential feature of such a company is that it has not yet been economically active and is immediately ready for takeover.
Acquiring a shelf company has the great advantage that such a company is immediately available and you are able to act directly. As a result, you shorten the sometimes lengthy start-up process and are therefore more flexible and avoid a delayed start of your business activity. It should also be emphasized that you eliminate your personal liability risk in the start-up phase.
The shelf companies to be acquired do not have a tax number, as you as the acquirer are only recorded for tax purposes after the acquisition and commencement of your activity.
There are three variants available. Either in cash on the day the contract is concluded, by transfer to an EVOGE GmbH account or by transfer to a notary or attorney’s escrow account (the additional effort associated with this variant leads to minor additional fees).
The payment of the purchase price includes all costs in connection with the formation of the company and any administrative costs up to the acquisition as well as the paid-in undiminished capital of the respective company. Not included in the purchase price are the notary and court costs incurred during the purchase, which are to be paid by the buyer himself.
With a binding confirmation, the purchase can be completed within 24 hours.
You can choose the notary from anywhere in Germany. If necessary, we will of course help you with the selection and will be happy to give you a recommendation.
Normally, a valid identification document (identity card or passport) is sufficient for the purchase by a natural person. If the acquirer is a legal person, a brief consultation with the notary should be held.
As part of the sale, the company name, the company’s purpose, the management, the shareholders, the registered office of the company and the business address are adjusted according to the wishes and ideas of the acquirer.